Feeling Matter looks at textile and fashion design with a product and process oriented approach, emphasizing the teaching of both craft and industrial techniques. The aim is to develop creativity that is free from preconceptions and can generate innovative solutions in the contemporary world.

First level academic diploma.
Accredited by the Ministry of Instruction, Universities, and Research.

Course leader: Lottozero

"It is a multifunctional space dedicated to research and experimentation in the world of textiles and art, welcoming and promoting the work of artists and textile designers from all over Europe. Deeply rooted in its local area, the textile district of Prato, of which it aims to spread a renewed image, Lottozero focuses entirely on “Made in Italy” and the virtuous mix of the historical local know-how and the most innovative international trends."

Learning goals

The course aims to train a textile / fashion sector expert in the product, in its main components and production processes: a designer capable of proposing an innovative, original and sustainable vision, which takes into account the contemporary context and its problems, from both a socio-cultural and a productive point of view. The student is encouraged to find a method of personal design and creative expression through a didactic that gives particular importance to experimentation, laboratory practice and the teaching of industrial and artisanal processing techniques, which represent the excellence of Made in Italy.

Professional opportunities

The course trains a flexible and internationally oriented professional, able to operate in differeknt areas within a production system made up of different types of companies: from tailoring and artisan laboratory to small and medium enterprises, up to large industry and agencies that express a demand for specific skills related to the fashion and communication sector. The course is a solid basis for studies at the master's degree level, also in international contexts.

Course leader



3 years




First level academic diploma


180 CFA


Fashion design
Textile design
Material design

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During the first year the student will learn the fundamentals of a new lexicon made up of shapes, colors, weights, fibers, textures, images, sensations, through which express himself and gain self awareness as a designer. Theoretical and practical teaching provides the student with a wide range of knowledge that allows him to become familiar with the use of tools and techniques, and at the same time to develop creative thinking through targeted exercises.

Extracurricular activities

Starting in the first year, extracurricular activities will include museum visits, workshops, outside internships, and study trips, first in Italy and then abroad.

The student begins to develop his own point of view, aesthetics and methodology as a designer, even through the comparison with the other. The experimental approach and the skills acquired in the previous year become consistent through their application in projects strongly rooted in the surrounding context the student will be called to reflect critically on. Moments of sharing will be encouraged thanks to teamwork and discussions with professionals outside the academic environment.

Study visit

In the second year, a study trip will be organized to a European country where students will visit local museums as well as design firms and companies useful for their professional growth.

During the last year, students visit design studios, workshops and companies, carrying out an experience in a professional school as well. With that knowledge, they approach the thesis project, which becomes their space for specialization and deepening of one of the issues related to textile or fashion design addressed during the two-year period. The thesis projects - both the more artistic-conceptual ones, and the more technical ones - reflect critically or experimentally on the reality of the fashion system, remaining strongly connected to the production scenarios that the students have experienced throughout the three years. With the final thesis the student affirms his distinctive trait and his uniqueness as a designer.


Fashion Design, Textile Design, Design and Research Methodology, Craft and Industrial Textile Techniques, Pattern Making and Tailoring, Visual Communication, Color Theory, Presentation and Staging, History of Fashion, Fundamentals of Contemporary Art, Fundamentals of Photography, Digital Tools for design, Fundamentals of graphic design, Materials and processing technologies, Drawing and illustration, English language.


CAMP as in "campus", but also as in "camp".  
Starting in the first year, trips to Italy and abroad, excursions, visits to museums and artistic events, workshops and collaborations with institutions outside the Academy will be organized. Explorations that each student will face carrying a "backpack" to fill with new experiences, and from which to draw what they have learned during their studies, putting themselves to the test in new and challenging contexts.

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