Feeling Matter TuTa



Anno accademico

Docenti: Lottozero
Teachers: Lottozero

“ – it uses “all the fabric”, adhering to the principle of economy of materials;

- it is «all of a piece», with minimal sewing and it is an example of practicality in terms of its elaboration;

- it dresses «all of the person» and it is extremely easy to wear, promoting economy of use time;

- in just a few weeks, «all the people» will wear the all-in-one, which offers maximum comfort to those who wear it, allowing for total freedom of movement”

(Thayat, 1920)

The TuTa was invented by Thayat in the 1920s. Characterized by straight line cuts and realized in monotone raw cotton and hemp, it is a highly innovative article for its time, that was meant to overturn not only the canons of fashion – as a timeless article, utilitarian, made domestically, uniform, suitable for all occasions and all social classes – but also the canons of daily living.

Starting from these considerations and reflecting on the conceptsof uniformity – individuality, students were asked to design a Made/Feeling Matter tuta-uniform that identified them as a group and at the same time brought out their individual personality traits.