Internship & placement

A lezione

The Internships and Placement service offers students support and guidance in the transition from the Academy to the workplace, accompanying them in the development of useful tools for professional self-promotion and following them in their first experiences with the job market.

The office is responsible for developing relationships with companies to activate internship agreements, job offers, projects involving students and companies, providing a continuous information and guidance service for all activities related to a professional career.

Curricular internship

The curricular internship is a training and orientation experience designed for students enrolled in a secondary level education or training course that issues a degree or certification with public value. The curricular internship must take place according to specific methods indicated in each training project and is aimed at acquiring the number of training credits assigned to the internship in the trainee curriculum. The student can also activate an internship, even if not included in the curriculum, exclusively if aimed at writing the degree thesis.

Extracurricular internship

The extracurricular internship is designed for currently unemployed students and graduates, pursuant to Article 19 of Legislative Decree 150/2015, including those who carry out an internship within 12 months of graduation, or students and / or graduates (within 12 months of graduation) already employed who are looking for another job. The extracurricular internship is disconnected from the curriculum and does not give training credits.

Companies interested in becoming a partner of the MADE Program internship network are requested to fill in the Institution form (pdf) and send it to the Internship and Placement Office (