Andrea Anastasio

WASP team


In the context of its own research on dense fluid materials, WASP has developed a system for the deposition of all kinds of ceramic materials.

Starting from a knowledge of the world’s oldest material, the workshop proposes to create a series of ceramic objects that can be used not only as decorative but also as functional elements.

A short intro about 3D printing techniques and tools will be provided, but prospective participants should have a working knowledge of at least one of the most widely used 3D modelling applications.


4-day workshop

Day 1

The World of Ceramics

Visit to Gatti, Vignoli Workshops and MIC – Museo Internazionale della Ceramica, in Faenza

Day 2

Introduction to 3D printing: steps required to take a designed object from concept to physical reality

The Ceramic 3D Printing Process: how to create a machine-ready file appropriate for the additive manufacturing process (Simplify3D, Cura)

Interacting with the machine: addition of external elements, post-production interventions and hand finishing (polishing and glazing)

Day 3-4

Designing and printing of 3D ceramic models (maximum volume: diam. 30 x H. 500 mm)

Experimenting with materials and colors.