3D Thinking



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3D THINKING. Pensiero - Gesto - Reiterazione nel progetto ceramico 3D

In collaboration with: WASP3D, Massa Lombarda (RA)

A printer that materializes objects in bio plastic, clay, silicone, biocompatible materials allowing to start micro productions and create what you need by yourself. 3D printing is based on an extrusion system: the machine creates the designed model by superimposing one layer of material at a time, replicating, through the aid of technology, the ancient columbine technique, adopted by the populations of South America to work the clay. The process is repeated until each layer is printed. The hand is released, and thought is transformed into a design gesture.

The project was carried out by the first and second year students of MAN MADE, the Three-year Design Program of MADE Program, coordinated by Andrea Anastasio, designer and Professor of Project Anthropology, with the support of WASP, the leading European company in the production of machines for additive manufacturing (3D printing).

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