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One of MADE's objectives is the development of the potential created by collaboration among the Academy, its students, and employers, gathering stimuli from businesses and other economic actors and developing projects of common interest.

MADE offers the possibility of developing creative research lines on specific topics or responding to project briefs through the ad-hoc activation of working groups with high innovative potential and a high degree of professional excellence, within the creative community of its teachers, alumni and students.

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MADE Studio

MADE Studio is a permanent research and development laboratory rooted in the world of Design, Architecture and Visual Arts. Modular in its duration (from a minimum 2/3 months to much longer periods), it is inspired by the concept of " Residency."

Designers and artists are hosted for variable periods of time in a real residence (a small apartment equipped with all comforts), flanked by an equipped studio, on the premises of the "Rosario Gagliardi" Academy of Fine Arts in Syracuse.

In these spaces, residents pursue research projects - activated in complete autonomy, or on commission - side by side, in some phases of their work and in a spirit of mutual exchange, with the students of the Academy.

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