An innovative approach

MADE is the first Academy of its kind in Italy that aims to work at the crossroads of design, art, craft and local cultural traditions, giving life to an operational platform based in the South of our country, in Siracusa, investing once again in an area too often neglected.

International network

From its beginning, MADE Program has invested resources and energy in building strong international programs and institutional relationships. Teachers from different parts of the world, exchange programs with foreign universities, and a Summer School held exclusively in English make MADE Program a first step in a potentially limitless itinerary of professional development.

Affordable programs

MADE Program aims to make high quality, international training programs accessible to a large number of people, even in areas usually "forgotten" by the educational mainstream. That’s why our fees are lower than those of other Italian private academies and why we offer scholarships to our most talented students.

Siracusa and Sicily

MADE Program is based in Siracusa, Sicily, called by Cicero "the most beautiful city of Magna Graecia." In 2005. Siracusa was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The island of Sicily and one of its historically richest cities: ideal places to establish a school. Their strategic position, in the center of the Mediterranean and close to the rest of Europe, and - at the same time - their "isolation" from the conventional routes of contemporary art, architecture and design, offer the ideal conditions for cultivating creativity. What’s more, the cost of living in Siracusa is decidedly lower than in most of Italy.


The Rosario Gagliardi Academy of Fine Arts is legally recognized by the Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR) and issues academic titles that are legally recognized, abroad as well as in Italy  (www.mur.gov.it).

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