Course leader: FORMAFANTASMA

MAN MADE, our three-year course in design, views the discipline of design as an instrument for creating new products and communication strategies that can play a decisive role in a process of change, affecting production, economics, and society.

Course leader: THE COOL COUPLE

Visual realities, our three-year course in visual arts, examines the role of photography and visual representation in the current cultural landscape and their potential, today like yesterday, to become a powerful engine of social change.

Course leader: RED RAION

The three-year degree program in ANIMATION & CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) Digital Stories is the first education and training program for future professionals in digital animation, video games, and audio-visual production.

Course leader: LOTTOZERO

Feeling Matter looks at textile and fashion design with a product and process oriented approach, emphasizing the teaching of both craft and industrial techniques. The aim is to develop creativity that is free from preconceptions and can generate innovative solutions in the contemporary world.